Aroundsquare Deadeye Coin

More than Meets the Eye

If you’ve ever tried to roll a coin between your fingers – like how Shadow does it in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods – you’ll quickly realize that it’s no easy feat. That’s why we were thrilled when we got our hands (or fingers) on the Aroundsquare Deadeye Coin.

Designed specifically for finger manipulation, the Deadeye Coin is a ‘contact coin’ as Aroundsquare calls it. Inspired by contact juggling, it features an ergonomic indent on either side that is perfect for thumbs of any size.

The concave shape and ridge around the perimeter make the Deadeye Coin perfect for contact-style manipulation. With practice, you’d be able to roll it fluidly between your fingers, back and forth over the thumbs, or ‘isolations’ where the coin appears to be floating around the fingertips.

Precisely crafted and beautifully finished, the Deadeye Coin is available in two sizes and assorted metals to suit every hand and style. If you’re looking for a refined worry coin that lends itself to spectacular rolls and mind-bending manoeuvres – it’s time to treat yourself to your very own Aroundsquare Deadeye Coin.

  • Contact coin for finger manipulation
  • Ergonomic indent on both sides
  • Concave shape and ridge for grip
  • Weights:
    • Titanium large: 24g
    • Titanium small: 13g
    • Copper large: 47g
    • Copper small: 25g
    • Brass large: 45g
    • Brass small: 24g
    • Stainless steel large: 42g
    • Stainless steel small: 22g
  • Diameters: Large - 1.457" (37 mm) Small - 1.181" (30 mm)
  • Designed and made in Canada

    Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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