Aroundsquare Titan Begleri

Everyday Skill & Control

The Aroundsquare Titan Begleri is an intriguing everyday toy that demands skill, practice, and dedication in order to master. Traditionally, a Begleri is small skill toy of Greek origin and consists of one or more beads at either end of a short string. 

The Titan can be flipped and twirled around your fingers to perform tricks and serve the function of worry beads. They are used to pass time, keep the hands busy and to increase the dexterity of your fingers and motor skills.

In the realm of Begleri beads, the Titan is the Rolls-Royce equivalent. It's meticulously designed for performance and hard everyday use. It features an innovative "gumdrop" bead design, with a domed top for smoothness, and a knurled barrel for superior control.

The Titan is the result of months of development, multiple prototypes, and countless of hours of play testing with feedback from players all around the world. Not only is it incredibly durable and balanced, it also looks and feels amazing. If you're looking for a fun and interesting addition to your daily carry, give the Titan a whirl!

  • Everyday pocketable skill toy
  • Durable grade five titanium construction
  • Innovative "gumdrop" bead design
  • Domed top for smoothness
  • Knurled barrel for grip and control
  • 19mm by 19mm, 17g per bead
  • Choose from natural, black DLC or a mix.

These begleri beads for sale are backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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