Audacious Concept

Audacious Concept Amanita Lanyard Bead - Silver

Dainty and deadly

Cute without the 'e' (bonus points if you got that reference), the Audacious Concept Amanita Bead is inspired by the Amanita genus of mushrooms that include some of the most toxic mushrooms found worldwide. Tread carefully or suffer the consequences.

Designed for use with your favorite knife or tool, the Amanita Bead is custom-made from your choice of solid sterling silver finished with gold 750 accents for the ultimate statement. When used with a lanyard, it increases the gripping surface and capability – making it faster and easier to deploy your tool at a moment's notice.

Proudly designed and made in Finland, Audacious Concept is a one-man operation that's putting out some of the most intriguing and innovative designs in the EDC arena. Dainty and deadly, the exquisite Amanita Bead is the perfect addition to complete your daily carry.   

  • Custom-made from sterling silver and gold 750
  • Hand-finished to perfection
  • Adds style and functionality to your carry
  • Hole diameter: 6mm
  • Dimensions:14mm x 17mm
  • Designed and made in Finland

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