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Barrel Flashlight Co.

Pre-Owned: Barrel Flashlight Co. Flashlight - Copper w/ Milled Clip

Barrel Through The Darkness

Condition: Excellent (Small Scratch on Pocket Clip) 

The Barrel Flashlight has a lot going for it. But what truly impresses us is how it was designed from ground-up to be the perfect everyday carry flashlight. This copper flashlight is one of those rare examples where everything is dialed in just right. It’s a tool that manages to be highly capable, yet wonderfully practical. 

Proudly made in the USA, the Barrel EDC pocket flashlight is turned from a solid copper bar stock which offers incredible strength and durability. The gorgeous satin and patina'd finish exude a timeless style, while the interchangeable rings and sleeves allow you to customize your light and match your EDC. The green glow gasket, milled deep carry pocket clip, and titanium screws further add to the overall presentation.

At the business end, this custom torch copper flashlight features a triple Nichia 219C LED 4K, which has a CRI rating of 90+. The higher the CRI rating, the more accurate the rendering of colors is, which in turn allows you to see better in the dark. 

The maximum output of the M2JN pocket EDC flashlight is approximately 800-900 lumens, which is enough to light up an entire barn. The high output is balanced by the unique construction made up of an inner tube and outer tube with chamfered holes allows for rapid heat dispersion. 

The M2JN copper flashlight comes with user-friendly default modes of moonlight, low, medium, and high - anyone can pick this up and start using it immediately. However, the M2JN has a fully programmable H17F driver with battery monitoring which allows you to tweak and customize it to suit your every need. Activation is instantaneous and intuitive via a rear clicky, which cycles through the modes. You can also easily tail-stand the M2JN to free up both your hands. 

If you could only have one flashlight, you can do no better than the Barrel Flashlight M2JN. Its intuitive design and thoughtful practicality allow it to excel as an everyday carry light, while its sheer toughness and performance make it a steadfast partner as you barrel through the undead horde. It’s time to elevate your everyday and light your path forward with this one-of-a-kind illumination device.

  • Gen 3 Model EDC Pocket Flashlight
  • Precision turned from solid copper bar stock
  • Satin and patina'd finish
  • Triple LED. Nichia 219C 4K 90+ CRI.
  • 800-900 lumens on high
  • Solid copper "pill" that houses LED’s and driver
  • H17F fully programmable driver with battery monitoring
  • Default modes of moonlight, low, medium, and high
  • Secret hidden mode can be entered to program the light
  • Rear "clicky" button cycles light through modes.
  • Light tail-stands easily for convenience
  • Interchangeable rings and sleeves to customize your light and match your EDC
  • Comes with green glow gasket, titanium milled deep carry pocket clip, and titanium screws
  • Runs on a Efest high capacity 700mAh 16340 unprotected button top rechargeable IMR battery
  • Lights come supplied with one battery
  • 3.5" (length) x 1" (diameter)
  • Weight: 116 grams
  • Made in USA

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