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Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Bit

The Smallest and Lightest Pocket Tool Ever

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have your tools with you in an emergency? We’ve all had days like that. It’s always that one time that we forget our tools that we end up needing them. Now imagine always having a mini screwdriver and pry bar with you, with no weight penalty.

The Titanium Pocket Bit is a true innovation because it’s so tiny that you’d forget that you have it - until you need it. The screwdriver bit, with the key ring providing torque, allows you to fix anything on the go. The flat head bit also enables you to pry, scrap, score and even open bottles and boxes.

Both the pocket bit and the key ring are made from heat-treated 6AL4V Titanium, making them incredibly light and strong. The best tool is always the one that you’ve got on you. So grab yours today, in either a round or hex body, and never be caught unprepared again.

  • Made from Heat-treated Titanium
  • 0.148oz / 4.2g (Combined weight of Pocket Bit and Keyring)
  • Round model has 6mm center diameter
  • Hex model has 6.3mm hex center diameter
  • Mini pry-tool
  • Scoring-tool
  • Box-opener
  • Bottle-opener

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