Black Ink Playing Cards

Black Ink Playing Cards - Inception Intellectus Standard

Intellectually Stimulating

Bringing art and beauty into the everyday arena, the Inception Intellectus deck from Black Ink Playing Cards is truly a work of functional art that's bound to turn heads and start conversations at the table.

Inspired by the world's greatest thinkers and their groundbreaking ideas, thoughts, and revolutionary movements, the Inception Intellectus deck celebrates the people who were vanguards in their fields. Their ideas laid the bedrock for growing fields of knowledge, discovery, and invention. 

The deck's original artwork, by Jody Eklund, pays homage to Leonardo DaVinci’s sketches and his obsession with knots. The goal was to create something that looked like it created 500 years ago with a consistent theme of knots woven into the design elements. If you're looking for a custom boutique deck to take to the skies with, this is it.  

  • Custom illustrated boutique playing cards
  • Inspired by the world's greatest thinkers 
  • Original artwork by Jody Eklund
  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.
  • 54 Card Deck
  • 3.5" by 2"

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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