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Boatright Bladeworks Bornhardt-W - OD Canvas Micarta (Custom)

Fixed blade perfection 

Born hard, die hard. If you thought the Boatright Bladeworks Bornhardt-W looked vaguely familiar, it's because Chase Boatright is mentored by Jonathan McNees and shares the same hard-hitting, no holds barred attitude to knifemaking. 

As an avid outdoorsman, Chase designed the Boatright Bladeworks Bornhardt-W as a heavy-duty tactical fixed blade. Built for supreme cutting performance, it features a wide W2 blade with a distinctive hamon. Inspired by Japanese bladesmithing, the hamon is created by the tempering process. The difference is hardness allows for both edge retention and flex without breaking. 

Confident and remarkably comfortable in hand, the Boatright Bladeworks Bornhardt-W comes with lightweight OD canvas micarta scales, which provide superb grip and are virtually indestructible. A true workhorse of a blade, the handmade Boatright Bladeworks Bornhardt-W is the perfect addition to your everyday carry and routine.

  • Tactical fixed blade
  • Robust full-tang construction
  • W2 tool steel blade with hamon
  • Versatile EDC companion
  • Lightweight OD canvas micarta scales
  • Blade length: 3"
  • Overall length: 7.2" 
  • Weight: 4.5 oz.
  • Comes with custom Kydex sheath
  • Handmade in the USA

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