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Brad Mock Knives

Brad Mock Knives Killmouse - Damascus

Compact Damascus Fixed Blade

There’s an irresistible charm about a thoughtfully designed and equally well-crafted fixed blade. Especially when it’s shaped by the hands of Brad Mock - in Damascus no less - who is an artist and craftsman of the highest order. 

The eclectically named KillMouse is small in stature but big in hand. You can easily wear it as a neck knife, or carry it discreetly in its custom Kydex sheath without attracting any unwanted attention. As a compact blade, the KillMouse is remarkably easy to control, making it perfect for precise cuts that require finesse over brute force.

Crafted from Damascus, the KillMouse is a sight to behold with its alluring swirls and arresting visual depth. And as gorgeous as it may be, the KillMouse is no slouch when it comes to a test of strength. By virtue of its fixed blade construction, it’s extremely tough and strong because there’s no moving parts to break, and offers superior tactical use and all-round cutting versatility.

Brad left no stone uncovered in the design of the Killmouse. Every cut, line and grind is an extension of Brad's artistry and expertise. The attention to detail and level of fit and finish on the KillMouse is exceptionally impressive and among the best we’ve seen. So, if you’re looking for a highly functional yet breathtakingly exquisite compact fixed blade - it’s time to introduce a KillMouse to your stable.

  • Made from Alabama Damascus
  • Compact and lightweight fixed blade
  • Can be worn as a neck knife
  • Comes with custom Kydex sheath
  • Cutting edge: 1.8" (4.572 cm)
  • Overall length: 4.1" (10.414 cm)
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Handmade in the USA

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