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Brahman Design Høvel Pencil Sharpener

Rediscover the Joy of Sharpening

The Høvel is unlike any other sharpener. Yet, the moment you see it, you instinctively understand its purpose and wonder to yourself - why hasn’t anybody thought of this sooner? Designed in response to the dissatisfaction with the common pencil sharpeners, the Høvel gets straight to point, always.

The problems with the common pencil sharpeners are plentiful, from how easily they break the lead to their disposable and throwaway nature. The Høvel addresses these issues with a unique design that is inspired by a traditional woodworking hand plane which gives you complete control over how you sharpen your pencil. Unlike using a craft knife or a traditional pencil sharpener, Høvel lets you sharpen any pencil to any point.

Precision machined from solid brass or aluminum, the Høvel is designed from ground up to last a lifetime. In addition, its practical nature extends to the ease of which you can change the blades when its dull.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself, or any other creative individual from designers to musicians to writers, the brilliantly designed and highly practical Høvel will prove to be the perfect companion and addition to your desk or pencil case.

  • Pencil sharpener that functions like a mini block plane
  • Allows for complete precision over sharpening
  • Easily swap out blades
  • Choose from aluminum or polished brass
  • Can be used in conjunction with wooden base
  • 1.9" 9(4.826cm) x 1.2" (3.048cm) x 0.4" (1.016cm)
  • Aluminum (1oz), Brass (3oz)

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