Bright Design

Bright Design UFS Bead - Uni Copper - Brass w/ Zircuti (Custom)

The Ultimate Lanyard Bead

When it comes to lanyard beads, it's either you get it, or you don't. Many – especially those looking in from outside the EDC community – simply do not get it. However, that's only because they haven't had a chance to experience something at the caliber of the Bright Design UFS Bead.

Custom machined from a breathtaking combination of Uni Copper, brass, and Zircuti (titanium and zirconium forge welded together) – the Bright Design UFS Bead looks like a space-age gemstone from the future. Each bead is ever so different, with its own unique grain pattern, character, and personality.

If you want your peers (or significant other) to see your method to the madness, let them handle the Bright Design UFS Bead. It's only when you experience it in the metal that you come to appreciate the skill and craftsmanship involved and how it's the epitome of a functional work of art. Not to mention, they make fishing your gear out of your pockets much easier! Get yours now to pair it with your favorite blade and elevate your carry into the stratosphere. 

  • Machined from Uni Copper, brass, and Zircuti 
  • Adds unmatched style and personality to your carry
  • Improves handling and grip of your tool

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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