Burchtree Bladeworks

Burchtree Bladeworks Boson - San Mai, Titanium, & Carbon Fiber (Custom)

The Burch Boson

In quantum mechanics, a boson is a particle that follows Bose–Einstein statistics. Inspired by the boson particle that carries energy, the Burchtree Bladeworks Boson is a futuristic take on a high-performance everyday blade of the highest order.

Pulling out all the stops, this ultra-distinctive slicer features a dark-washed San Mai steel blade that's configured for versatility and toughness. From office tasks to campsite duties, the Burchtree Bladeworks Boson has it covered. 

The vented handles are made from a striking combination of solid titanium and lightweight carbon fiber, with an electrifying color palette of bright purple set against the dark, menacing tones. A matching custom pivot, titanium pocket clip and titanium hardware put the finishing touches on this space-age slicer.

Growing up in the vast wilderness of Southern Missouri and exploring every inch of the land with a Buck Special strapped to his side, Michael Burch quickly developed a keen understanding of the knife. 

At its core, the Burchtree Bladeworks Boson represents a lifetime of experience and effort distilled into an elegantly cohesive orchestra of sharpened steel. Built for a lifetime of unfailing service, the Burchtree Bladeworks Boson is destined to be your most reliable and rugged companion on this planet and the next. 

  • Compact, lightweight and tough
  • Chisel-ground San Mai steel blade
  • Titanium and carbon fiber handles
  • Titanium pocket clip
  • Custom titanium pivot and hardware
  • Overall length: 7"
  • Blade length: 2.8"
  • Closed length: 4"
  • Thickness: 0.5"
  • Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Handmade in the USA

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