Captain Axel

Captain Axel Custom Fellhoelter TiBolt - Stormtrooper (Custom)

This Empire awaits

The Empire awaits. Impeccably crafted and impossibly beautiful, this bad-ass custom Captain Axel Custom Fellhoelter TiBolt Stormtrooper edition is a Sith Lord's dream come true. Created in special collaboration with the gorgeous Captain Axel cerakote treatment, this pen is as unique and gorgeous as it get.

Built for performance, the stark TiBolt Stormtrooper edition features a solid titanium body, and it’s also intricately engraved and features high-performance solid titanium internals. To top it all off, it has an ingenious bolt-action mechanism that’s both oddly addictive and satisfying. 

Designed and machined by Brian Fellhoelter in the USA, the solid titanium body impresses with its lightweight performance and signature luster. This one-of-a-kind TiBolt Stormtrooper edition features a beautifully designed motifs and colorway reminiscent of our favorite troopers among the galaxy.

Internally, every single part is made of solid titanium for maximum durability and strength. The unique bolt-action mechanism adds an irresistible element of tactility and interaction, while the Schmidt Easyflow 9000 or Pilot G2 refill make for a wonderfully smooth writing experience. 

If you're looking for the perfect everyday writer that best showcases your unique individuality, this is the one because like you - there's simply no other like it.

  • The ultimate everyday writer
  • Custom Stormtrooper edition
  • Captain Axel cerakote finish
  • Solid titanium bolt, Torx screws, and pocket clip
  • Designed by Brian Fellhoelter
  • Unique bolt-action mechanism
  • Choose from Standard, G2 or Tiny versions
  • Choose from Schmidt Easyflow 9000 or Pilot G2 versions
  • Made in the USA

    Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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