Combat Beads

Combat Beads Dice - Aged Brass

Roll the dice

The dice as we know it has been around for thousands of years (with the oldest known being 5,000 years old). Back in the day, they were made of bone, the talus of hoofed animals, or perhaps even solid brass – just like this one-of-a-kind Combat Beads Dice.

A new spin on an old roll – the Combat Beads Dice is machined from solid brass with a unique hexagonal shape. It also features a meticulously hand-patinated finish – with no two being exactly alike – reminiscent of antique treasures found in hidden, ancient Roman ruins. 

Available in your choice of written numbers in a stately display script, or with classic Roman numerals, the solid brass Combat Beads Dice is the perfect addition to your carry as a pocket trinket, worry stone, or conversation starter.

  • Machined from solid brass
  • Meticulously hand-patinated finish
  • Unique hexagonal shape
  • Written numbers or Roman numerals
  • Dimensions: 0.562” (1.427 cm) x 0.875” (2.222 cm)
  • Weight: 0.8 oz
  • Made in the USA

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