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Combat Beads Mini Concealed Bead - Turbo Glow

Mighty and Mini

A long-awaited, more compact version of the original Concealed Bead, the Combat Beads Mini Concealed Bead is as mighty as it is mini. Designed as a cross between the MOAB bead and the Gear bead, it conceals the lanyard knot within itself for a clean and minimal look.

A hallmark of excellence for any product is the attention to detail it exhibits, and the Combat Beads Mini Concealed Bead has that in spades. Machined from a gorgeous range of Turbo Glow colors – everything from Amethyst to Neon Green – the Mini Concealed Bead glows brightly in the dark and serves as a lantern locator. So, you'll always be able to locate your knife in the dark.

What's most outstanding about the Mini Concealed Bead is how cleverly solves the problem of the unsightly knot at the end of your lanyard by hiding it within the bead itself. The result is an ultra-sleek and seamless lanyard that elevates any carry.

Designed, made, and hand-finished in Canada, these stunning beads are an example of modern innovation and ingenuity. If you’re a stickler about the details and aesthetics, the Combat Beads Mini Concealed Bead is sure to float your boat.

  • Machined from Turbo Glow
  • Glows brightly in the dark
  • Hides the lanyard knot within the bead
  • Clean and minimal look
  • Adds functionality and style to your knife
  • Only one of each
  • Height: 1" (2.54 cm)
  • Weight: 0.4oz
  • Made in Canada

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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