Combat Beads

Combat Beads Prybar XL V2

Beast of a Prybar

Big, bold, and unapologetically badass, the Combat Beads Prybar XL is the upsized version of the bestselling Combat Beads Prybar. Intentionally overbuilt, this beast of a tool is built for combat and engineered to survive and thrive in the everyday arena.

Individually machined from solid titanium, the Combat Beads Prybar XL offers up immense lightweight performance and is tough enough to tackle any task. From prying to scraping, scoring to marking, it serves as the perfect companion to your everyday blade. It also features a slot for a hex bit which can be torqued using the Prybar itself as a handle.

In addition, the Combat Beads Prybar XL is fully compatible with the popular Steel Flame clips, allowing you to truly customize your Prybar and fully showcase your individuality. If you need a heavy-duty companion to your everyday blade, the robust Combat Beads Prybar XL is the candidate of choice.

  • An upsized version of the Combat Beads Prybar
  • Machined from solid titanium
  • Slim, lightweight, and incredibly robust
  • The perfect companion to your blade
  • Additional hex bit slot 
  • Fully compatible with Steel Flame Clips
  • Tumbled Titanium finish
  • Length: 4.11" (10.43 cm), Width: 0.75" (1.90 cm), Height: 0.26" (0.66 cm)
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Made in Canada

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