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Combat Beads

Combat Beads Prybar and Bead Combo

The Dynamic Duo

The best things come in pairs. This special run of the Combat Beads Prybar comes with a matching Combat Beads Concealed bead. We only have a very small number of these, so take action before they are all snapped up!

Individually machined from solid titanium, the Combat Beads Prybar is light enough to slip unnoticed into your pocket and tough enough to handle any task. From prying to scraping, scoring to marking, it serves as the perfect companion to your everyday blade. It also features a slot for a hex bit which can be torqued using the Prybar itself as a handle.

Similarly, the matching Concealed Bead is made from titanium and cleverly solves the problem of the unsightly knot at the end of your lanyard by hiding it within the bead itself. The result is an ultra-sleek and seamless lanyard that elevates any carry.

Designed, made, and hand-finished in Canada, this stunning combo is a tour de force of modern ingenuity and innovation. Add this to your daily rotation and never be caught off guard or unprepared ever again.

Note: Pairs nicely with the Combat Beads Prybar Leather Sheath

  • One-of-a-kind matching set
  • Solid titanium prybar and bead
  • Perfect companion to your blade
  • Additional hex bit slot 
  • Fully compatible with Steel Flame Clips
  • Concealed bead hides the knot within itself
  • Prybar Dimensions: 3.75" (9.525cm) x 0.63" (1.6cm) x 0.19" (0.482cm)
  • Prybar Weight: 28 grams
  • Concealed Bead Dimensions: 1" (2.50 cm) x 0.6" (1.524 cm)
  • Concealed Bead Weight: 16 grams
  • Made in Canada

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