Compoform Utility Knife - Carbon Fiber (Custom)

Sleek, Stylish and Sublime

Driven by the creative genius and masterful craftsmanship of Ivan Gostev, the Compoform Utility Knife is a deceptively diminutive, multi-purpose gem of a tool.

Designed for everyday versatility, the Compoform Utility Knife uses easily available Stanley 1992 trapezoid blades. The benefits of using replaceable blades are multiple. Firstly, you can easily, quickly, (and cheaply) get a fresh cut and razor-sharp edge for precision tasks. And when you’re going through airport security, simply remove the blade and replace it when you arrive at your destination. 

Built like the proverbial tank, the Compoform Utility Knife features a titanium frame with lock bar and ceramic ball bearing. The show scale is made from sleek and lightweight, glowing carbon fiber along with a matching titanium button. The lanyard hole, bottle opener, and deep carry titanium pocket clip (which conveniently doubles as a money clip) complete this magnificent package.

Irrepressibly stylish and functional, the Compoform Utility Knife does it all without breaking stride. If you’re looking for an ultra-refined and minimal do-it-all blade, this is yours to pocket.

Note: The bronze and grey glow green, and the blue glows blue! 

  • Small, compact, and lightweight
  • Uses standard Stanley 1992 utility blade 1-11-916 with holes 
  • Bottle opener function
  • Titanium frame with lock bar
  • Sleek carbon fiber show scale
  • Titanium button with ceramic bearing
  • Deep carry titanium pocket clip (doubles as money clip)
  • Dimensions:  7.3 cm x 3.1 cm
  • Weight: 42g

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