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Dapper Design DART Mini Thrower Flashlight w/ Extension Tubes

High-beam thrower

Whenever Dapper Design introduces a new product, we pay close attention. Because you know it's going to be something unique and useful – case in point – the DART Mini Thrower Flashlight with its 600m beam throw and 720 lumens output. Enough said.

The opposite end of their pocket-carry ION Flashlight, the DART Mini Thrower is a high-powered beast that is tough enough for law enforcement but compact and convenient enough for daily carry and everyday use.

At the bright end, the DART Mini Thrower features an ultra-bright OSRAM LED emitter that puts out a maximum of 720 lumens, and has an exceptionally long beam of 600m. This is perfect for everything from walking your dog at night and sweeping the perimeter for safety to finding your campsite in the dark – illuminating the path forward for your enhanced personal safety.

Powered by rechargeable 18350 battery, the DART Mini Thrower comes with a convenient magnetic charging port, and a magnetic tailcap that lets your clip it onto your bag, backpack, or any metal surface for easy, hands-free use.

Finally, the DART Mini Thrower comes with a battery extension tube, should you prefer to run the larger capacity 18650 batteries, giving you the choice of having a compact carry or to go full-powered beast mode. As far as tools go, the flashlight ranks right up there in terms of critical importance. Give your EDC a massive upgrade today with the Dapper Design DART Mini Thrower, and let there be light.

  • Compact and reliable flashlight
  • 600m beam throw
  • 720 lumens max output
  • Rechargeable 1100mAh 18350 lithium-ion (replaceable)
  • Magnetic charging
  • OSRAM LED emitter 
  • PMMA TIR Lens
  • Comes with extension tube (18650)
  • Magnetic tailcap
  • Weight: 4.16 oz / 117.93 g
  • Length: 85mm / 3.35in
  • Head Diameter: 40.64 mm / 1.6 in
  • Body Diameter: 25.01 mm / 0.985 in
  • Battery: 1100mAh 18350 lithium-ion (replaceable)
  • Modes:
    • Maximum: 720 Lumens (89600 cd) 1 hour 10 minutes
    • High: 230 Lumens (31200 cd) 1 hour 20 minutes
    • Medium: 100 Lumens (13200 cd) 4 hours
    • Low: 20 Lumens (3520 cd) 12 hours
    • Moonlight: 0.5 Lumens 106 hours
    • SOS: 720 Lumens
    • Beacon: 720 Lumens
    • Strobe: 720 Lumens 30 minutes (used for self-defense/emergency situations)

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