DB Blades

DB Blades Kiridashi (Custom)

Handcrafted Magnificence

The DB Blades Kiridashi is a custom creation that is perfect for whittling, carving, or simply for everyday tasks. Traditionally these tools are used for wood carving, and back then the Japanese children even used them to sharpen their pencils. The word 'kiridashi' means 'to carve out' in Japanese.

The DB Blades Kiridashi is made entirely by hand. Each Kiridashi is individually cut and entirely handcrafted via stock removal. There is absolutely zero water-jet or any other CNC type equipment used in its creation.

What this means is that each piece is a completely custom piece of art, in which an inordinate amount of time has been invested to achieve perfection. These amazing little knives will make for an incredibly unique and versatile hand-forged tool to add to your collection.

  • 100% crafted by hand
  • D2 Tool Steel
  • Length: 115mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Thickness: .15in
  • Comes with a Kydex sheath
  • Handcrafted in Australia

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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