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DE Custom Forge 93mm Pioneer X - Tumblewashed Titanium w/ Medium Frag (Custom)

X marks the spot

Named after the trailblazing pioneers, the ever-popular Victorinox Pioneer X just got a massive upgrade, in the form of the exclusive DE Custom Forge Pioneer X, with solid titanium scales and a stunning engraved frag pattern. 

While it's true that SAKs are arguably the most popular and commonly found knives, you can rest easy that only a select few will have a custom titanium Pioneer X of this caliber in their pockets – much less one that's as exclusive as this beast of a blade. 

Building upon the bestselling Pioneer X platform, the DE Custom Forge Pioneer X comes with meticulously milled solid titanium scales, tumbledwashed for improved wear resistance, along with a medium frag pattern for better handling and enhanced tactility.

Exquisitely functional, the DE Custom Forge Pioneer X features 9 different functions, including a reamer, punch, screwdriver, scissors, and can-opener. If you're going to a blaze a new trail, this bad boy is the perfect companion to equip you with the right tools for the job at all times. 

  • Custom milled titanium scales
  • Tumblewashed with medium frag pattern
  • Built upon the Pioneer X platform
  • Large blade, scissors, reamer, punch, can-opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, and bottle-opener
  • Perfect addition to your keychain carry
  • Dimensions: 3.58" (9.1cm) x 0.79" (2 cm) x 0.55" (1.40 cm) 
  • Modified in Moscow, Russia

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