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DE Custom Forge Custom Electrican 93mm Bronze Meridian Scales (Milled Cross) (Natural Patina)

Custom Bronze SAK

A perennial favorite (and for good reason), the Victorinox SAK just got a massive upgrade in the form of the highly distinctive DE Custom Forge Custom Electrican 93mm SAK. While everyone might have a SAK or some sort, you’ll be definitely in a rarified company with one of these.

Building upon the 93mm Electrician platform, the Custom Electrican 93mm SAK is designed for those who do electrical work (either as a profession, or around the house). 

It features a large blade for all your everyday tasks and a smaller electrician's blade with a handy wire scraper. There’s also a bottle opener, large 7.5mm screwdriver, wire stripper and a reamer/punch for piercing through heavier material.

Taking things to a whole new level are the custom solid bronze Meridian scales with a Milled Cross (no less) that add both style, durability and the ability to develop a gorgeous patina. While it's true that the Swiss Army Knife is as ubiquitous as it gets, you can rest easy in the fact that only a scarce few will have a custom bronze SAK of this caliber.

  • One-off, hand-finished customized knives 
  • Solid bronze Meridian scales with Milled Cross
  • Built upon 93mm Electrician platform
  • Perfect addition to your keychain carry

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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