DE Custom Forge

DE Custom Forge Customized Forester 111mm SAK (Custom)

One-of-a-Kind Forester

Equally adept in both the city and the woods, the robust Victorinox Forester just got a massive upgrade in the sleek, polished form of the highly distinctive DE Custom Forge Customized Forester.

Building upon the formidable Forester (111mm) platform, these Customized Foresters come with your choice of solid brass or lightweight titanium scales, along with stainless steel screws for visual contrast. If you thought the Forester was a beast before, get ready to be blown away by these fully tricked-out beauties.

Exquisitely functional, the Customized Forester features 12 different functions, including a large liner-locking blade, screwdriver, and wood saw. From the outdoors to the urban jungle, the DE Custom Forge Customized Forester is the perfect companion to equip you with the right tools for the job at all times. 

  • Solid brass or lightweight titanium scales
  • Large liner-locking blade, screwdriver, wood saw, bottle opener, wire stripper, can opener, reamer, punch, corkscrew, tweezers, and toothpick
  • The perfect addition to your keychain carry
  • Dimensions: Closed Length - 4.33" (11 cm), Opened Length - 7.95" (20.2 cm)
  • Width - 1.26", (3.2 cm) x Height - 0.59" (1.50 cm) 
  • Weight: Titanium - 5.71438 oz 162g, Brass - 7.40753 oz (210g)

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