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DE Custom Forge Customized Pioneer X 93mm SAK (Custom)

Custom Titanium SAK

Named after the trailblazing pioneers, the ever-popular Victorinox Pioneer X just got a massive upgrade in the form of the highly distinctive DE Custom Forge Customized Pioneer SAK.

While it's true that the Swiss Army Knife is as ubiquitous as it gets, you can rest easy in the fact that only a scarce few will have a custom titanium Pioneer X of this caliber in their pockets.

Building upon the bestselling Pioneer X platform, these Customized SAKs come with solid titanium or brass scales. If you thought the Pioneer X was a beast before, get ready to be blown away by these sandblasted titanium beauties.

Exquisitely functional, the Customized Pioneer X SAK features 9 different functions, including a reamer, punch, screwdriver, scissors, and can-opener. If you're going to a blaze a new trail, this bad boy is the perfect companion to equip you with the right tools for the job at all times. 

  • Sandblasted titanium scales
  • Large blade, scissors, reamer, punch, can-opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, and bottle-opener
  • Perfect addition to your keychain carry
  • Dimensions: Length - 3.58" (9.1cm) x Width - 0.79" (2 cm) x Height - 0.55" (1.40 cm) 
  • Weight: Brass w/ Cutout Cross & Steel Screws 146g, Titanium w/ Engraved Cross & Steel Screws - 110g, Titanium w/ Engraved Cross & Titanium Screws - 110g

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