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DE Custom Forge GoPry - Brass

Prying Masterpiece

As one of the most innovative makers we have the pleasure of working with, DE Custom Forge has pulled out all the stops with the brass and titanium hybrid GoPry. Over-engineered and over-built, the ultra-versatile yet compact GoPry is a multi-functional utility tool that’ll help you take on any everyday task with ease.

Meticulously machined from solid titanium and finished with a solid brass centerpiece,the GoPry is strong and durable, while still maintaining a lightweight profile.

Slim and svelte, it fits right into your bag or pocket without adding any unneeded weight or bulk. And with time, the solid brass center will develop a unique patina that marks your usage and the passage of time.

Cleverly integrated into its design are a pry bar, hidden bottle-opener, magnetic socket 1/4 bit driver, and magnetic bit holder. With its unmatched functionality and versatility, it’s truly the perfect rough-duty companion to your everyday blade. 

  • Precision machined from solid titanium & brass
  • Slim, sleek and stylish
  • Features a pry bar, hidden bottle-opener, magnetic socket 1/4 bit driver and magnetic bit holder
  • Dimensions: Length - 4.33" (10.998cm) x Width - 0.71" (1.803cm) x Height - 0.27" (0.685cm)
  • Weight: 40 grams

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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