DE Custom Forge

DE Custom Forge Medium Brosbiner - Titanium

Multi-Functional Dual Carabiner 

If you rely on a carabiner for your keychain carry, it makes sense to invest in the best version ever made. And that’s where the DE Custom Forge Medium Brosbiner comes into play with its delightfully overbuilt and over-engineered construction.

What sets the Medium Brosbiner apart is its versatile double gates, each with its own high-retention titanium spring clip. The double gates are especially useful because it allows you to attach or remove any tools from one end, without having to unclip the other from your belt loop or bag. This adds both convenience and ease of use to your daily routine.

Machined individually from solid titanium, the Medium is pleasingly lightweight and practically impregnable, while the cleverly integrated 1/4 bit driver and prybar edge boost functionality. If you’re on the hunt for a highly versatile, multi-functional carabiner that will stand the test of time – this is the missing piece to complete your perfect carry. 

  • The perfect EDC carabiner
  • Machined from solid titanium
  • Double carabiner with titanium spring clips
  • 1/4 bit driver and pry edge
  • 60mm (2.36") x 30mm (1.18") x 6mm (0.23")
  • Made in Moscow, Russia

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