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Design By Sommer

Design By Sommer Colosseum Chopstick Set - Titanium

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Do-it-all Titanium Chopsticks

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There's a reason why chopsticks have been around for over 2,000 years – they just work. Chopsticks are the epitome of fuss-free functionality. Putting a modern twist on this time-tested tool, the Design By Sommer Colosseum Chopstick Set is here to take your EDC to the next level. 

Designed by Birgitte Sommer from Denmark, the Colosseum Chopstick Set is meticulously machined from 6AL4V titanium, and puts single-use chopsticks to shame with its lightweight performance and durability. 

What's more, each pair of chopsticks comes with unique anodization that is done through an electro-anodizing process. This means that it’s completely food safe, with no taste or toxic side effects on your chopsticks and it will never chip or peel off.

With the Colosseum Chopstick Sets in hand, you will never need to contend with wasteful wooden chopsticks that splinter or flake. From noodles to sushi, ramen to dim sum, the Colosseum Chopstick Set have you covered. And, if you're going to do your part for the environment, you might as well do it in style. 

  • Designed by Birgitte Sommer
  • Machined from solid titanium
  • Choose from different anodization 
  • Dimensions: 9.5" (24.13 cm) long
  • Custom sheath
  • Made in Denmark

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