DeYong #1337 - Forest Floor (Custom)

Blade of the Forest

As an avid bowhunter, custom knifemaker Clarence DeYong knows what it takes for a knife to perform in the field. Drawing from his real-world experience, Clarence channels his decades of skill and craft into creating some of the most unique and functional blades in the market. 

Like all his blades, the DeYong #1337 is repurposed from old files and rasps because Clarence delights in breathing new life into something that’s discarded. The beauty of a DeYong blade lies in this remarkable transformation – from being used and unwanted to becoming prized and precise.

The DeYong #1337 features a robust fixed blade, full-tang construction for maximum strength and durability along with a hollow ground blade repurposed from a mill file. From opening packages and boxes to skinning and food preparation, this little blade can handle it all without ever breaking stride.

The handle is named Forest Floor and made by Robert Belcher. What sets it apart is that the handles incorporate fluorescent green lichen that Clarence found in the Oregon woods near Crater Lake and was combined with twigs in resin – so it literally has elements of the forest floor within it. 

Handmade without a pattern (because Clarence believes that every blade should be unique and different), the DeYong #1337 is a true functional masterpiece that combines real-world-tested experience and sensibilities with a highly distinctive design language and aesthetic.

  • Designed and made by Clarence DeYong
  • Blade repurposed from a mill file
  • Forest Floor handles incorporate Oregon lichen and twigs
  • Robust fixed blade, full-tang construction
  • Blade Length - 2.60" (6.60 cm) x Width - .82" (2.08 cm)
  • Cutting Edge - 2.44" (6.19 cm)
  • Weight: 86 grans
  • Handmade in the USA

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