Dillon Forge

Dillon Forge Mini Skull (Custom)

Skulls and Bones

Michael Dillon shapes metal. A graduate of Kansas City Art Institute, he combines his background in fine art sculpture with an emphasis on design and functionality. And the result is the creation of the Dillon Forge Mini Skull sculptures and lanyard beads.

Forged and sculpted from a variety of metals – from iron to stainless steel and solid bronze – the works of Michael Dillon shows his pedigree as both an artist and a blacksmith. The sculpture serves as a desktop memento mori while the lanyard bead can be attached to your favorite knife or tool to make them easier to find and fish out of your pocket quickly.

Individually finished, each sculpture and lanyard bead is different and signed. If you're looking for something highly functional, poignant and unique – the Dillon Forge Mini Skull is the perfect memento to remind you that life is worth living.

  • Custom designed and sculpted
  • Individually finished and unique
  • Choose from horizontal or vertical lanyard hole
  • Desktop sculpture and lanyard bead
  • Available in iron, stainless steel and bronze
  • Sculpture dimensions: 1.25" (3.17 cm) x 0.875" (2.22 cm) x 0.5" (1. 27 cm)
  • Sculpture weight: 2.6 oz
  • Made in the USA

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