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Doyle Knives Kiridashi (Custom)

Custom Utility Blades

Custom knifemaker Patrick Doyle was first inspired at age 10 by the book "How to make Knives" by Bob Loveless. And the Kiridashi is the purest expression of Patrick's passion for his craft. 

As simple as it gets but no simpler, the custom Doyle Knives Kiridashi is inspired by the traditional Japanese utility knives. Meticulously handmade in Michigan, the Doyle Knives Kiridashi is unerringly precise, tough, and durable. From opening your mail and packages to food preparation, this versatile and scalpel-sharp blade can do it all with absolute ease and elegance. 

Custom made in the USA, we only have one each of these five models. Lightweight, compact, and beautifully refined, the versatile Doyle Knives Kiridashi is the perfect do-it-all addition to your daily workflow. 

  • All-purpose utility blade
  • Compact, lightweight, and versatile
  • 5 models to choose from
  • Model 1 & 2 - s35vn
  • Model 3-5 - s90v
  • Model 1: Weight - 1oz, Dimensions - 4.3" overall, 1.2" blade length
  • Model 2: Weight - 0.8oz, Dimensions - 4.3" overall, 1" blade length
  • Model 3: Weight - 1.2oz, Dimensions - 4.2" overall, 1.7" blade length
  • Model 4: Weight - 1.2oz, Dimensions - 4.2" overall, 1.7" blade length
  • Model 5: Weight - 1.6oz, Dimensions - 4.3" overall, 1.7" blade length
  • Only one each of every model
  • Made in the USA

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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