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EDC-V Vegvisir Bead - Copper

The rune compass

Inspired by the Vikings, the word Vegvisir refers to an ancient Norse rune – the pathfinder. The Vegvisir rune leads you on the right path, and the wearer of this rune compass will never be lost and will always hold true to the right direction.

Individually made from solid copper, the EDC-V Vegvisir Bead has the characteristic heft and shine of copper, which will give way to a gorgeous patina with time and use – marking the irrefutable passage of time.

In addition to being a head-turner, the EDC-V Vegvisir Bead can be easily attached to your favorite knife or flashlight, making it easier to locate and deploy (especially in a pinch). It also increases the overall gripping area when combined with a lanyard – making it faster and easier to deploy your tool at a moment's notice.

  • Inspired by ancient Norse rune
  • Machined from solid copper
  • Tough, durable, and lightweight
  • Add style and functionality to your carry
  • Length: 0.5" (1.27 cm)
  • Width: 0.4" (1.016 cm)
  • Height: 0.3" (0.762 cm)
  • Weight: 0.2 oz
  • Made in Norway

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