Fellhoelter Cptn Axel Tuxedo - Titanium (Custom)

Dapper and Dashing

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together to welcome the Fellhoelter Cptn Axel Tuxedo, which brings together the unmatched craftsmanship of Brian Fellhoelter with the customization chops of Captain Axel.

Dapper and dashing in a sleek black and white colorway, this customized Fellhoelter TiBolt is everything you expect and then some. Entirely machined from titanium (both internally and externally), it can handle anything you throw at it with graceful panache.

Scoring especially high on the fidget-factor, the Fellhoelter Cptn Axel Tuxedo comes complete with a unique bolt-action mechanism, which adds an irresistible element of tactility and interaction.

The Schmidt Easyflow 9000 (full-sized version) and the crowd-favorite Pilot G2 refill (Mini version) lay down a sure and confident line which makes for an amazingly smooth writing experience for both quick-fire notes as well as extended writing sessions.

Stunningly crafted and breathtakingly functional, this unique and highly versatile EDC writer offers the best of both worlds. So, suit up and and put pen to paper with the one and only Fellhoelter Cptn Axel Tuxedo.

  • Designed by Brian Fellhoelter
  • Customization by Captain Axel
  • Sleek black and white tuxedo colorway
  • Strong and lightweight titanium body
  • Full titanium interior for maximum performance
  • Unique bolt-action mechanism
  • Full-sized:
         - Schmidt Easyflow 9000 refill
         - Length: 5.47" (13.89 cm)

         - Width: 0.44" (1.11 cm)
         - Height w/ clip: 0.54" (1.37 cm)
         - Weight: 42 grams
  • Mini:
         - Pilot G2 refill
         - Length: 5.47" (13.89 cm)

         - Width: 0.44" (1.11 cm)
         - Height w/ clip: 0.54" (1.37 cm)
         - Weight: 42 grams
  • Made in the USA

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