Fellhoelter Fap Cap - Brass

Brass Spinning Cap

If you thought the bolt-action Fellhoelter pen couldn’t get any cooler, think again. Introducing the Fellhoelter Accessory Pen Cap, also known as the FAP Cap, which is an awesome spinning cap (yes, you read that right) that can be mounted onto all your Fellhoelter pens and pencils.

Machined from solid brass and running on a hybrid ceramic bearing, the FAP Cap has a silky-smooth spin that can be activated with a quick flip of your finger. When combined with the bolt-action mechanism on the Fellhoelter pen, the fidget factor of this already addictive pen rises to a whole new level.

Interchangeable and fully compatible with any Fellhoelter standard cap, the FAP Cap is the ultimate add-on accessory for your Fellhoelter pens and pencils. So, get yours and let the spinning begin! 

  • Machined from solid brass
  • Silky-smooth spinning action
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Easily interchangeable and removable
  • Fits all standard Fellhoelter pen and pencil caps
  • Weight: 5.66 grams
  • Made in the USA

    Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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