Fellhoelter LeBro - Zirconium

EDC Building Blocks

Introducing the Fellhoelter LeBro – the grown-up version of colorful, plastic Lego pieces that stab your feet. These mini building block beads will still hurt if stepped on (not recommended), except that they look infinitely cooler.

Custom-machined from solid Zirconium, the Fellhoelter LeBro is fully functional and can be stacked atop one another. These whimsical yet highly functional mini building block beads can be attached to your keychain carry or used as a lanyard bead to complement your favorite knife or tool. 

For maximum symmetrical goodness, the Fellhoelter LeBro is available in a 2x2 configuration. For something a bit more substantial to grab a hold on to, go with the 2x4 variant. If you're going all out – get a handful and you can configure them as you see fit. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you've got the essential building blocks of your EDC sorted. 

  • Designed and made by Brian Fellhoelter
  • Custom-machined from solid Zirconium
  • Can be stacked atop one another
  • Perfect for keychain carry or lanyard bead
  • Adds style and functionality
  • Choose from 2x2 or 2x4 configuration
  • Only 2x4 comes with a stainless keychain lanyard
  • Made in the USA

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