Fiddle Foundry

Fiddle Foundry Whistle - Brass (Custom)

The Perfect EDC Whistle

The Fiddle Foundry Brass Whistle is handcrafted from solid naval brass, and comes from the talented shop of Steven Robbins. If you find the name familiar, it's because Fiddle Foundry makes some of the finest pocket tops in the market.

Carrying a whistle just makes sense. Imagine if you were out alone on a hiking trail, and you become lost, injured or stranded. Your ability to signal for help is crucial and could be the difference between life and death. Simply put, a whistle will enable you to be found and rescued.

However, not all whistles are created equal. The last thing you want is for your cheap plastic whistle to break, shatter or fail to perform in your time of need. That's why the Fiddle Foundry Brass Whistle is perfect. It's strong, durable and built to take a beating. When push comes to shove, you can count on it to perform, and help you get rescued.

Not only is it individually handcrafted on a manual lathe and built to last a lifetime, they are also beautiful to behold. It also has a buttery smooth and loud session that is the hallmark of all good whistles. It's time to equip yourself with one of the simplest but most essential life-saving tools!

  • Solid brass construction
  • Individually handcrafted on a manual lathe
  • Simple and essential
  • Handmade in Massachusetts, USA

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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