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Florentine Kitchen Knives F4 Chef Knife - Blue/Black/Ivory Stacked Handle (Custom)

Cooking up a Storm

Any aspiring chef worth his or her salt would know that a high-quality knife is the most important ingredient in any kitchen. And it doesn't get much better than the Florentine Kitchen Knives F4 Chef Knife that's lovingly handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

Florentine Kitchen Knives was born in the neighborhood of Florentine, Israel, before expanding their bespoke operation to Barcelona. A labor of love by husband and wife duo, industrial designer Tomer Botner and fashion designer Noam Blumenthal, the F4 Chef Knife is designed as the ultimate kitchen knife for discerning chefs.

At the razor's edge, the F4 Chef Knife features a highly versatile 8.1" XC90 blade with a forced leopard patina or a satin Sandvick 14C28N stainless steel blade. Designed to delight on the cutting board, the F4 Chef Knife is equally adept at slicing, chopping, rocking, or handling precise tasks with its elegantly tapered, needle-like tip. 

Breathtaking from every angle, the F4 Chef Knife features Tomer's signature stacked handle made from a combination of blue, black, and ivory micarta discs. All of which are individually hand-sanded and capped with a brass bolster. The result is a highly effective handle that not only looks stunning but also provides supreme control and comfort in hand. 

Merging diverse influences from East and West, hard and fluid, contemporary with the timeless – the Florentine Kitchen Knives F4 Chef Knife is an outstanding performer that will infinitely elevate your culinary experience. If you're looking for the best among the best – then it's time to cook up a storm with the formidable Florentine F4 Chef Knife. 

  • Highly versatile Chef Knife
  • Handles every imaginable kitchen task
  • Stacked blue, black, and ivory micarta handle
  • Steel 1: XC90 blade steel with forced leopard patina
  • Steel 2: Sandvick 14C28N stainless steel blade
  • Blade length: 8.1" (205mm)
  • Overall length: 9.5" (335mm)
  • Blade height: 2.24" (57mm)
  • Handle length: 4.64" (11.79 cm)
  • Weight: 6.9oz
  • Handmade in Barcelona, Spain

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