Florentine Kitchen Knives

Florentine Kitchen Knives F4 Paring Knife - Blue/Black/Ivory Stacked Handle (Custom)

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We were lucky enough to meet Tomer of Florentine Kitchen Knives on a trip to Barcelona a few years back. Watching his business grow and evolve has been incredible. That's why it was a no-brainer to feature his work in our new Kitchen Collection. 

Florentine Knives was created by Industrial Designer Tomer Botner in 2012. Fast-forward 8 years, and you will find his skills and eye for design are unrivaled. Take, for example, the F4 Paring Knife with an exquisite stacked handle. 

Breathtaking from every angle, the F4 Paring Knife features Tomer's signature stacked handle made from blue, black, and ivory micarta discs. All of which are individually hand-sanded and capped with a brass bolster. The result is a highly effective handle that not only looks stunning but also provides supreme control and comfort in hand.

On the business end, the F4 paring knife is a "western edged" knife that features a 100mm long blade and a 50/50 grind made of 2.5mm thick Leopard carbon steel that's full of character. Whether peeling, garnishing, or slicing, the Florentine Kitchen Knives paring knife is the perfect partner for your next kitchen adventure. 

  • Highly versatile paring knife
  • Handles every imaginable kitchen task
  • Stacked blue, black, and ivory micarta discs
  • Leopard carbon steel blade
  • Blade Length - 3.9" (100mm)
  • 50/50 grind
  • Handmade in Barcelona, Spain

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