Foltsum 2-Piece Titanium Chopstick Set

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Ultra-compact Titanium Chopsticks

With their fuss-free functionality, there's a simple elegance to the humble chopstick; and that's the reason why they've been used continuously for over 2,000 years. Adding a modern twist to this time-tested tool, the Foltsum 2-Piece Titanium Chopstick Set is set to take your EDC to a whole new level.

Designed and engineered by world-renowned custom knifemaker Alan Folts and manufactured under the Foltsum brand, the 2-Piece Titanium Chopstick Set is meticulously crafted from 6Al4V titanium stock.

The innovative 2-piece construction means that you can easily carry them when not in use, and assemble them in mere seconds because of its precision threaded joint. A true labor of love, these chopsticks feature 3 different surface finishes – bead-blasted near the tip for a secure grip on food, satin-finished at the center for enhanced grip, and beautifully anodized at the top for some extra flair and personality. 

Remarkably strong and lightweight, these elite eating utensils are also 100% corrosion resistant, completely food safe, hypoallergenic, and easily cleaned with ordinary soap and water. 

With the Foltsum 2-Piece Titanium Chopstick Set, you will never need to deal with wasteful wooden chopsticks that splinter and flake. From noodles to sushi, ramen to dim sum, the Foltsum 2-Piece Titanium Chopstick Set have you covered anywhere and everywhere your adventures may take you.

  • Designed and made by Alan Folts
  • Made of solid 6Al4V Titanium
  • 100% food-safe
  • Two-piece screw-down construction
  • Different surface finishes
  • Electro anodizing process for durability
  • Will not chip, peel, or have any taste
  • Comes with a custom carry case
  • Dimensions: 9.25" x 0.249" (23.495 cm x 0.63246 cm)
  • Weight: 1.74 oz.
  • Handmade in the USA

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