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Glaze Wooden Matchbox - Walnut

Solid Walnut Matchbox

Designed and made in New York City by a husband and wife duo, the Glaze Wooden Matchbox is the antidote to flimsy paper matchboxes. A more permanent (and much more elegant) solution to one of our most important tools, the Glaze Wooden Matchbox is here to stay.

The humble matchstick is one of the most reliable ways of starting a fire and has a special place in the hearts of preppers, outdoorsmen, and pipe-smokers. If you need to twist and get the flame into a pipe, or if you’re starting a barbecue and need to throw the entire match in – you’ll quickly appreciate the simple beauty of a matchstick.

Inspired by the timeless classics, the Glaze Wooden Matchbox is handmade from solid North American lumber that has endless grain variety that shines through with its lustrous figure when finished – with no two being alike.

Matching the matches in terms of reliability and dependability, the Glaze Wooden Matchbox is lightweight, durable, and designed to keep your matches safe and secure while fitting beautifully into any carry, home or desk. What's more is the perfectly placed strike pad on the side of the box, perfect for lighting it up. 

  • Handmade from solid Walnut
  • Gorgeous figuring with no two being alike
  • 3” (76mm) x 2.5” (63mm) x 1.125” (28mm)
  • 2 oz / 57g
  • Matches included
  • Handmade in New York City

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