Guething Knives

Guething Knives Micro Chit (Custom)

Harmony and balance

A custom knife maker by trade, Thomas Guething has been fascinated by knives and creates his masterpieces individually from start to finish in his Colorado shop. In the same way, Thomas extends his craft to these stunning Micro Chit lanyard beads which feature some of the most exquisite craftsmanship and detailing.

The Micro Chit is an extension of Thomas's love for hexagons and their futuristic aesthetic and sacred symbolism of harmony and balance. Meticulously machined from your choice of Zirc, 4 Ally Chad Nichols Titanium, or classic Grade 5 solid titanium, the Guething Knives Micro Chit is not only lightweight but also incredibly strong and durable.

A functional work of art, simply attach the Guething Knives Micro Chit to your favorite knife or flashlight to make it easier to locate and deploy (especially in a pinch). Additionally, it also increases the overall gripping area when combined with a lanyard. If you're in the market for a bead that masters both form and function, the Guething Knives Micro Chit is exactly what you need.

  • Everyday lanyard bead
  • Zirc, 4 Ally Chad Nichols Titanium or titanium
  • Improves grip and handling
  • Width (edge to edge): 19 mm
  • Widest point: 21 mm
  • Thickness: 5.8 mm
  • Made in the USA

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