Handgrey "H" Series Titanium Carabiner

The Carabiner Redefined

The Handgrey Bauhaus Titanium key carabiner is a modern and minimalist take on the common carabiner. The goal is to create the best everyday carabiner that will integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

The "H" series carabiner is the strongest and sturdiest of the 3 different series. It excels at the key organization because of the functional 2-piece configuration and a hybrid custom gate quick-release design. This makes it exceptionally easy to quickly manage your keychain carry. The "H" series carabiner also features an enhanced EDM wire-cut construction, which allows for the highest level of precision and finishing details.

The Handgrey Bauhaus Titanium key carabiner is carefully machined from solid grade 5 titanium, which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metals. It's incredibly lightweight, durable, and when combined with its innovative design - results in an exceptionally intuitive piece of everyday gear that you can always rely upon.

There are 5 sizes for you to choose from to fit your specific everyday carry needs, starting with the smallest H1 all the way to the H4L.

  • Machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium
  • Hybrid custom gate quick-release design
  • Tumbled stonewashed finish for wear resistance
  • 5 sizes to choose from (H1, H3, H3L, H4, H4L)

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