Hidetoshi Nakayama

Pre-Owned: Hidetoshi Nakayama Pen - Titanium (Custom)

Pen Among Pens

Condition: Excellent

Handcrafted in Yokohama, Japan, the Hidetoshi Nakayama Pen showcases some of the most exacting and precise craftsmanship along with a unique design language unlike any other. 

At its core, the Hidetoshi Nakayama Pen is a study in elegant contrast. Its robust full titanium construction draws inspiration from steampunk aesthetics. Yet, Nakayama handcrafts every pen one-by-one using traditional methods (mills and lathe instead of CNC) to an unmatched level of detail and accuracy.

And while this beast of a pen might look intimidating with its robust build and snappy bolt-action mechanism (warning: highly addictive) – it fits wonderfully well in hand because of how balanced everything is. And owing to the Swiss-made Caran d'Ache Giant Cartridge Goliath, it's beautifully smooth to write with – even for extended writing sessions.

If you want to make a statement and experience some of the finest craftsmanship known to man, you need to get yourself a Hidetoshi Nakayama Pen. These are increasingly hard to come by as owners rarely part with them (easy to see why). So, make you move before it's gone forever.  

  • Full titanium construction
  • Bolt-action mechanism
  • Impeccable design and craftsmanship
  • Uses Caran d'Ache Giant Cartridge Goliath
  • 5.00" (12.70 cm) x 0.52" (1.32 cm)
  • Weight: 86 grams
  • Handmade in Yokohama, Japan

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