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JHO Knives Lynx

Stealthy And Functional

The JHO Knives Lynx will fit right into Jason Bourne’s everyday carry. This is the highest quality card blade you can find on the market. If you want something discreet and highly functional, this is your solution.

The benefits of having a card blade are numerous. Firstly, with its slimness, it slots right into your wallet. This makes it both discreet and inconspicuous. It is perfect for places where knives might be frowned upon, such as in the office or other sensitive urban environments. Also, because it is in your wallet - it will always be on you. You will never forget your knife and be caught unprepared.

The Lynx features a blade made with VG10. This makes it one of the most versatile cutting tool you can have with you. It has a chisel grind, straight edge, suitable for shaving, slicing and chopping.

This blade also has tremendous grip due to its unique design. In one of the test conducted, oil was poured onto the blade and held with one hand holding the blade. The Lynx was able to slice through a corner off an inch thick book easily. So if you need something that integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle, or simply need a backup blade, the Lynx is for you.

  • Steel: VG10
  • Length: 3.29" (83.566 mm) x 1.94" (49.276 mm)
  • Thickness: .03" (0.762 mm)
  • Weight - 50 grams
  • Slots right into your wallet or pocket
  • Comes with a water-resistant and tear proof sheath

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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