J.L. Lawson & Co.

JL Lawson & Co. Mini IV - Acorn Top

Modern spinning marvel

The spinning top is one of mankind’s oldest toys and exists in different forms all over the world. And now2 this millennia-old design has been given a facelift and transformed into an elevated work of art in the form of the JL Lawson & Co. Mini IV Acorn Top.

The latest (and smallest) in his line of exquisite custom spinning tops, the Acorn Top is manually machined from solid bar stock for the best results. Each top comes with a ceramic ball that is press-fitted into the tip for extra precision and performance.

The solid brass or copper body offers incredible durability, balance, and hand-feel. And owing to the finely-tuned balance and careful design, the spin times are impressive and averages for between 3-5 minutes, which is unthinkable for such a tiny top that you will barely notice in your pocket. 

Each Acorn Top is individually machined in Joshua Tree, California by Anthony Lawson himself, who first learned to operate the lathe from his father, who used to work as a machinist. Anthony is now carrying on the family heritage, and reviving a dying trade, by combining the exceptional skills of his forebears with a modern aesthetic and twist.

  • Incredibly small and compact
  • Manually machined from solid brass or copper stock
  • Diameter: 0.625" (1.5875 cm)
  • Press-fitted 3/32" (0.94mm) ceramic ball tip
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Made in Joshua Tree, California

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