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Jordan Metal Art Coin Whistle - Mokume

Whistle of a Coin

Ever the innovator, Kenn of Jordan Metal Art has pushed the boundaries yet again with the creation fo the Jordan Metal Art Coin Whistle. In Kenn's own words, it was only after much trial and error that he finally achieved the optimal design for this one-of-a-kind EDC pocket tool – so don't sit on these because we only have a scarce few to go around.

Combining the functionality of a whistle in the compact form of a coin (which doubles as a fidget coin or worry stone), the Jordan Metal Art Coin Whistle is custom machined from Zladinox 3 Alloy Mokume (also known as wood-grain metal) and will develop a unique patina with time and use. 

While seemingly simple, a good whistle is worth its weight in gold. Imagine if you were out alone on a hiking trail, and you become lost, injured, or stranded. Your ability to signal for help is crucial and could be the difference between life and death. Simply put, a whistle will enable you to be found and rescued.

Unlike the cheap plastic whistles that are prone to breaking, the Jordan Metal Art Coin Whistle is built to last generations. Strong, sturdy, and undeniably stylish (with a ton of fidget factor to boot), this little guy is a must-have for any discerning EDC enthusiast. Get yours now before they disappear for good.

  • Original design by Kenn Jordan Jr.
  • Functionality of a whistle in the form of a coin
  • Custom machined from Zladinox 3 Alloy Mokume
  • Will develop a patina with time and use
  • Diameter: 1.08"
  • Thickness: 0.375"
  • Individually made in Northfield, Massachusetts

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