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Jou Fuu Leather Craft

Jou Fuu Leather Craft Card Wallet

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Slim, Sleek, Stylish

Before Marie "Kondo-ing" was a thing, we were already championing minimal wallets and lamenting the state of oversized, overstuffed and out-of-shape wallets. In this modern day and age when going cashless is going mainstream – it's high time that your wallet kept up with the times. 

Designed to slip right into your front pocket, the Jou Fuu Leather Craft Card Wallet holds your essential cards, ID, and folded notes. Not only is a front pocket carry safer because it's harder to pickpocket, but it also prevents your back from going out of whack over time from prolonged 'wallet-sitting'. 

Handstitched in the USA by Bud, an Airborne Veteran, the Jou Fuu Leather Craft Card Wallet comes in a range of gorgeous leathers. From classic brown to a sleek black and exotic alligator leathers, there's a wallet sleeve for everyone and it goes to show that you can go minimal without losing an ounce of style and substance.

Note: Jou Fuu uses leather with Range Marks, so there may be natural imperfections on the wallets. This is normal and to be expected. 

  • Each leather card sleeve wallet is handstitched individually
  • Holds your frequently used cards and bills without added bulk 
  • Premium full-grain leathers
  • Dimensions: Length - 4.1" (10.41 cm) Width - 2.7" (6.85 cm) Height - .2" (5.08cm)
  • Weight: 28.34 grams
  • Handmade in the USA

This EDC leather wallet sleeve is backed by our30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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