Combat Beads

JW & Combat Beads Tool and Bead Combo Set G2.5 - Copper

Combat Ready Bandicoot

Everything you need in the palm of your hand. The JW & Combat Beads Tool and Bead Combo Set is here to take your EDC to the next level and beyond.

First up, the G2.5 Bandicoot packs a whole lotta love in a wonderfully compact frame. Machined from solid copper, it features an all-purpose pry edge along with a flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, and even a hex bit holder. Designed to be as thin and pocket-friendly as possible, it slips right into your pocket (or hangs off your keychain) unnoticed.

Leaping into the fray is a matching Combat Bead that further enhances its utility by making it easier to fish out and extending the grip. A true sum of its parts, the JW & Combat Beads Tool and Bead Combo Set covers all your bases without any added weight or bulk (except for adding some serious style points to your carry).

  • Exclusive combo set
  • JW Knives Bandicoot with matching Combat Bead
  • Made from solid copper or titanium
  • Fully hand-ground and finished
  • Pry edge, screwdriver, bottle opener, hex bit holder
  • Dimensions - 2.675" (6.795 cm) x 0.875" (2.223 cm)
  • Made in Canada

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