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Keychain Tool Sheath

Protection and Accessibility For Your Pocket Gear

We designed the Keychain Tool Sheath out of our own frustration. We realized that we had lots of gear in our pockets but they became easily scratched by the other items in our pockets. Then, when we went to look for our tool, we fumbled around looking for the right tool. After lots of testing and experimentation, we came up with the perfect solution for both protection and accessibility for your pocket gear. Introducing the Keychain Tool Sheath, a minimal and functional home for your pocket gear.

The Keychain Tool Sheath protects your folding knife or multi-tool from damage when carried in your pocket along with your keys and coins. Conversely, it also protects your phone, or other sensitive gear, from being scratched by your knife.

It fits smaller folding knives, multi-tools, small flashlights, and even your Chapstick. Owing to the pliable nature of leather, the Sheath will start off a bit stiff but eventually, take on the shape of your EDC keychain tool for a snug fit over time. And with use, this EDC pocket tool sheath will also develop a beautiful patina and will only get better with use.

There are multiple ways to carry the Sheath. You can carry this on your keychain using the rivet hole, or you can simply carry this in your pocket, and add your own bit of flare with a lanyard and bead. Either way, it's designed to take up minimal space.

And if you’ve ever carried a knife or multi-tool bare in your pocket, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is when your knife settles diagonally and juts into your thigh. The keychain multi-tool sheath solves this problem because it remains upright in your pocket for the most comfortable carry.

The multi-tool leather holster is made from a durable Horween Chromexcel leather and held together by a thick waxed poly cord for maximum durability. It also features solid brass double capped rivets, which is antique nickel coated on the black leather. Finally, our subtle compass logo is laser engraved on the front.

These are individually hand-stitched using the saddle-stitching method for maximum durability. Saddle stitching is the strongest sewing technique known to man and can only be performed by hand with careful attention to detail. These keychain multi-tool sheaths are proudly made in Northern California without any compromises, and we’re confident that they'll soon become an invaluable part of your everyday carry.

  • All materials sourced from the US
  • Horween Chromexcel leather multi-tool sheath
  • Saddle-stitched by hand using thick waxed poly cord
  • Brass double capped rivets
  • Carried in pocket or on keychain
  • Fits most smaller folding knives and tools
  • 3" (7.62 cm) in length, 2" (5.08 cm) in total width, 1.5" (3.81 cm) in width within the stitching
  • Available in English Tan, Nut Brown, and Black (from left to right)
  • Design by Yong-Soo Chung
  • Made in Northern California

This EDC pocket tool sheath is backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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