Lautie Carnival Spinner

High-roller Spinner

We bet you've never seen anything like this before, we certainly haven't. In the spirit of bets and lucky numbers, we are proud to introduce the Lautie Carnival Spinner. Part fidget tool and part functional work of art – this gem of a spinner is unlike anything you've seen, held or played with before.  

Inspired by the casino roulette wheel, the Lautie Carnival Spinner is a multi-layered linkage spinner with an intricate composite structure. What this means is that there are multiple moving parts, all beautifully synchronized for the ultimate playing experience.

The central handle initiates play and gets the inner circle spinning. Simultaneously, you can spin the inner circle by rotating the outer ring. Never one to cut any corners, the Lautie Carnival Spinner comes with a ruby bead to fall on your lucky number, along with 2 extra stainless steel beads. 

Built for high-roller performance, the Lautie Carnival Spinner also features an isolation rubber at the base for silent spinning on your desk. A sight to hold and behold, every surface is meticulously finished right down to the 'Don't play with the devil' engraving – an apt reminder to always know our limits. If you're looking for an extraordinary, next-level EDC spinner, it's time to strike gold with the Lautie Carnival Spinner.

  • Inspired by casino roulette wheel
  • Cupronickel and brass construction
  • Comes with 4mm ruby bead and 2 x 4mm stainless beads
  • Multi-layered linkage spinner 
  • Central handle to initiate play
  • Outer ring moves along with inner circle
  • Isolation rubber on base for silent play
  • Dimensions: 2 × 2.2 × 0.7 in
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Designed and made by Lautie

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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