Lautie Jackpot Pendant

EDC Lucky Charm

When it comes to sheer creativity and innovation in the EDC realm, nobody comes close to the Lautie team. Inspired by vintage mechanical slot machines, the Lautie Jackpot Pendant combines a unique retro-futuristic charm with everyday tactility and functionality – what's not to love?

A wearable and scaled-down version of the Lautie Jackpot, the Lautie Jackpot Pendant features the same magnetic action that mimics the captivating feel of the slot machine's reels, complete with a classic lever-like handle. Each spin stimulates the senses with a vibration and a random dice outcome, making every attempt a fresh chance at the jackpot.

Just like its bigger brother, the Lautie Jackpot Pendant is fully customizable for tactility. Each die holds up to six magnets for adjustable feedback. Personalization is simple and tool-free, from a smooth, magnet-free spin to a weighted turn with added magnets. So if you're looking for the perfect everyday lucky charm to bring some good fortune your way, it's time to crank the lever with the Lautie Jackpot Pendant.

Note: Don't forget to grab a Lautie Jackpot Button!

  • New take on a fidget spinner
  • Wearable version of the Lautie Jackpot
  • Different material combinations
  • Inspired by retro mechanical slot machines
  • Addictive magnetic action and spin
  • Random dice outcome
  • Fully customizable for tacility
  • 62-part design allows for personalization
  • Dimensions: 1.8" x 0.86"
  • Weight: Brass 2.7 oz - Stainless 2.5 oz
  • Designed and made by Lautie

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