Lautie NOIZ Spinner Wooden Base - Cedar

Spinner Home Base

Every hero needs a home base. Just like the Batcave or the Fortress of Solitude, this wood spinner base serves as the perfect base of operations for your Lautie NOIZ Spinner and all your spinning shenanigans. 

Custom designed and crafted from solid cedar wood, this EDC spinner toy base fits the Lautie NOIZ Spinner perfectly. The magnetic base ensures rock-solid stability, while the raised nub in the center lifts it enough to allow the NOIZ Spinner to still spin while seated within the base.

Built to last, the cedar wood construction ensures lifelong durability and adds a nice organic touch to your desk or table. Simply set your Lautie NOIZ Spinner upon this wood base and never lose track of it again.

Note: Meant to be paired with the Lautie Noiz Spinner

  • Crafted from solid cedar wood
  • Fits the Lautie NOIZ Spinner perfectly
  • Magnetic EDC spinner toy base
  • Dimensions: Diameter - 2" (5.08 cm), Body Height - 0.75" (1.90 cm)
  • Weight: 56 grams

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